Welcome to my digital garden.

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🟠 Media Strategy

I work with small teams to develop digital products

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🔵 Photography

I photograph people in a natural way.

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⚪️ Experience Design

I design experiences thats connect, inspire and heal

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Hi, I'm 👋 Alexis Papageorgiou.

Current Projects:

Connect with me:

Personal Instagram Account ➡️   @Faltmast Photography Instagram Account ➡️  Coming Soon Email address ➡️  hi.alexis at pm.me

Current Residence:

Berlin, Germany

📥 Iris-Cocreative

I’m working as a project manager at Iris-Cocreative Design Studio. Iris Cocreative is an international team of designers, developers, artists, and facilitators. We value great relationships with people, great communication and beautiful designs.

We design and develop beautiful and dynamic websites. Our sites are built with modern tools that allow our clients a no-code edit option so you can add and update content as your offerings evolve.


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<aside> 👇 Click on the link to visit the iris website at www.iris-cocreative.com


🚀 Photography

Photography has been my hobby for 20 years. It opened doors for me to enter communities in exchange for documenting the process. In the past years traveling with artists, tech companies or meditation teachers I have developed a subtle method documenting activities without disturbing the subject.

I photograph people doing what they love. My process allows me to integrate myself into the activity first. That way I become participant of a coaching session, meditation group or festival (depending on the job). Since I shoot completely silent a common response to my work is “I did not know that you were taking picture that moment”. The results are more natural that staged photography. It also earned me the name Ninja Photographer